AMKM Investments is the family office of Sheikh Ahmed bin Mana bin Khalifa Saeed Al Maktoum, located in Dubai, UAE.

AMKM has a history of investing in a broad range of sectors including but not limited to emerging technology, commercial services, F&B, and real estate.

While we typically make direct investments or fund our own projects, we are also involved in specialized venture funds based in Silicon Valley.

“AMKM Investments aims to assure continued success for the region by investing in both the local economy, as well as the global economy, and bridging together partnerships where we see synergies”. – Sheikh Ahmed bin Mana Al Maktoum


venture Capital

Consumer Internet / SaaS / Fintech / Legaltech / Biotech / AR / Gaming

healthcare investments

Life Sciences / Wearable Tech / Theraputics / Synthetic Biology / Consumer Medical Testing

capital markets

Hedge Funds / Private Equity Funds / Venture Funds / Hard Assests / Direct Investing

private equity

Buyouts & Business Acquisitions / Secondaries & Co­investments / Minority Investments in SME's

real estate

Retail / Office / Condo / Hotel


AMKM invests across a wide variety of asset classes, including startups.
The following are representative investments in our portfolio.


Founder & Chairman

Sheikh Ahmed bin Mana Al Maktoum

Sheikh Ahmed bin Mana Al Maktoum is the founder/chairman of AMKM Investments LLC

Chief Investment Officer

Derrick Branford

Derrick Branford is the CIO of AMKM Investments and GP at frwrd.fund


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